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The allure of long eyelashes is very familiar to all of us women. They define and sexualize the gaze making the eyes appear bigger and therefore younger. Not eveybody is blessed with naturally lush and long lashes. Luckily modern technology steps in.


The Eyelash Extensions are the best ‘semi-permanent’ alternative on the market today to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. With a full-set of eyelash extensions there is no need to use lash curlers or mascara. 


Imagine beautiful and fresh eyes from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. No make up remover at night? It's not a dream!


Certified in Europe and re-certified in USA our qualified technician specializes in eyelash extensions providing the highest quality service and undividable attention. We use the most innovative methods and premier product lines to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. A wide range of lengths and thicknesses is available to create customized look just for you. See the portfolio below. Other exciting options other than lash extensions are available on the menu too.


Enjoy gazing at someone through thick and lush eyelashes with great confidence! That is our goal.

Lash Extensions Island Glow
Lash Extensions Nantucket.jpg
Nantucket Island Glow lash extensions.jpg
Nantucket Isand Glow lash extensions facials waxing wedding.jpg
Mink Silk Lash extensions Nantucket facials spray tan.jpg
Lash Extensions Nantucket Island Glow.jpg
Dramatic Lashes Nantucket Island Facials waxxing spray tan.jpg

Before and after your appointment

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