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Usefull tips BEFORE and AFTER lash application:

Before your Lash appointment...

To get the most of the lash extensions....


Remove all make up in your eye area including foundation, eye creams, serums, lotions, sun screen. 



Shower and wash your hair so you do not need to get your eyes wet for next 24 hours.



Get dressed comfortably and grab your headphones for your favourite listening or telephone calls to stay connected.



If you are a contact lenses wearer the best is to wear your glasses to the appointment unless the contacts are on their last days before replacement.



If you had any eye health issues before, are taking medication, are pregnant, suffer from allergies or any medical condition, or are recovering from any medical procedure please consult your doctor before your appointment because you would be at risk of glue irritation.


After your Lash appointment...

To make your lash extensions last the longest..


It’s critical to avoid getting your lashes wet with water, oils or creams in the first 24 hours & avoid steam, sauna, swimming, diving and hot water on your face another 24 hours.


After 48 hours please do enjoy the water.


Avoid anything oily around the eyelashes to prevent premature eyelash extensions fall out.


Try and be conscious not to rub or pull your lashes.


If you use mascara (you won't need to!) it should be oil free to prolong your eyelash extensions longevity.


Only use oil free eye-makeup remover ( try for example Dermalogica)


Do not use eyelash curlers and do not perm your lashes to keep them healthy.


Gently comb through the lashes every day to keep them separated .


Maintain your lashes with regular infill's every 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum fullness

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