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F.A.Q. about lash extensions...

       How long do they last?


Your lash extensions can last up to 8 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. The growth cycle consists of three stages; growing phase, resting phase, and the shedding phase. Because natural eyelashes shed and replace themselves on their own, regular touch-ups are usually recommended to replace any strays that have fallen out during this growth cycle. The life span of an eyelash varies by individual, anywhere from 2 weeks to three months, but for maximum results, regular touch-ups (recommended every 2-3 weeks) will provide optimal results. With a good maintenance programs, many clients keep their extensions year round!


       Will they damage my lashes?


Eyelash Extensions are safe to use because the glue does not touch the lash or eyelid. And there’s no rule against wearing them with contact lenses. Because they are attached to the natural eyelash they will not damage last growth. You just can’t pull at them. We offer lash removal that will ensure your natural lash is not damaged should you decide you want to go back to au naturale!


       What look should go for?


Most popular looks are "wide eye" and "cat eye". The "wide eye" look is achieved having longer eyelashes in the center of the eye and the "cat eye" having longer eyelashes at the outside corners of your eyes.


       What about overall length and colors?


Eyelash extensions come in an assortment of lengths depending on personal preference. A full set of extensions can lengthen your lashes up to 50%, and will thicken them by 30 to 50%. You can also choose different colors. Most popular black or brown, depending on your coloring. Avalable in all colors as well.


       How much do they cost?


Eyelash extensions can run you anywhere from $250 to $900 in today’s market.Natucket Eyelash extensions offer a full set for $200 for a full set. In addition, optimal maintenance requires touch-ups that are recommended every 2-3 weeks for 50$-75$.  Not everyone is blessed with naturally luscious lashes. Eyelash extensions are a gift to give yourself.


       What can I use when cleansing my lashes?


Use oil-free cleanser. Be extremely gentle when cleansing your lashes, use a downward motion on the lashes do not cleanse sideways as this will tangle the lashes.


       Can I wear mascara?


Yes but it must not be waterproof mascara. There should not be a need for mascara as the extensions will give you length and volume.


       My eyelids are red and swollen, I never had sensitive eyes?


This usually means you have had a sudden reaction to the glue.  Use artificial tears over the counter. If problem persists seek medical attention. Sometimes, for no apparent reason our body can react suddenly. There can be several reasons: new medication, seasonal changes in weather, allergies and other.


       Mink Lashes?


An extremely light weight lash ideal for mature women with eyelash loss. They truly look the most natural and feel like your natural lashes. They are highest quality of lashes on the market  but they are more expensive.


                Silk lashes?


These are synthetic man made lashes, they have been treated to make them the softest synthetic lashes. There is no lashes made from silk on the market. They usually cost a bit more then synthetics.











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