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      How does sunless tan work?


DHA the active ingredient of the solution reacts with amino acids in the top layer of the skin. It does not change one's skin pigmentation level as a UV based "real tan" with protective melanin. Instead it will create the "tanned" appearance by way of the development of a brown skin coloring, This process is very similar to the one commonly seen when a cut apple is exposed to the air, and the visible fruit cells turn brown. DHA action is limited to the upper layers of the skin and involve a harmless reaction between DHA and the natural skin surface proteins. DHA reacts with the amino acids and amino groups of the skin keratin forming brown colored compounds. 


F.A.Q. about sunless tan...

      Will I look orange?


NO. DHA organic sugar cane derived ingredient reacts with amino acids in your skin keratin. This reaction is unique for each person and produces a natural looking color based on your natural skin tone.


      How long does it take and how long does it last?


Allow about 30min for your appointment. 

With proper preparation (exfoliation is the key) sunless tan usually lasts 5-10 days. To make your tan last avoid scrubbing the skin, use a gentle shower gel, pat dry with a towel and generously moisturize. See                        for more information.


      Can you tan outdoors or use tanning beds in conjunction?


Yes you can do both. However, note that sunless tanning offers no protection from ultraviolet light. Although you will appear to be tan, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is still necessary to prevent burning and other possible skin damage from UV exposure. Going in to the salty ocean as well as tanning on the beach (or booths & beds) will speed up the exfoliation process and therefore will shorten your airbrush tan.



      Will it rub off on to my clothes and bed sheets?


A small amount might. Tanning solution  washes out fairly easily, most of all materials. May leave marks on natural fiber materials as well as very light fabrics (wool, silk, chiffon). Wear darker, loose fitting clothing to your appointment. 


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